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Episode 12, Rabi ul Awwal 1445

Kashmir: Armed Conflict, Human Rights & Environmental Genocide

In this episode of Islam & Earth in the second Jumah of Rabi ul Awwal, 1445,  Sr. Tazeen Hasan, human rights advocate speaks about the environmental genocide that is happening in Kashmir.
Sr. Tazeen explains how armed conflict impacts human rights, cause environmental catastrophes and how both are related to damage in manifold.
She explains how the environment is a hidden victim of the occupation, and how environmental occupation is frequently underreported and has lethal repercussions for the Indigenous Kashmiri population. 
Sr. Tazeen explains the extent of destruction where massive glacier melting in Indian administered Kashmir, are melting two times faster than the rate of glaciers melting in other parts of the world, which is the main source of waters for Kashmiris.  She also speaks about the extensive deforestation and smuggling of timber from Kashmir, to intentional destruction of apple orchards and cutting trees on immense scales, Sr. Tazeen explains the way this impacts the livelihoods of Kashmiris on a daily basis.
Sr. Tazeen explains how India's illegal occupation has led to extensive amounts of unregulated pilgrimage in the region, despite experts calling its implications to be irreversible damage.   
"It is no less than the nuclear war, and I will call it genocide," she says.
Sr. Tazeen also offers practical advice and explains that Allah(swt) obligates us to struggle, but doesn't obligate us for results.  Instead, she advises that we should raise awareness, educate the masses, lobby with the government, and collaborate with other organizations.

Finally, Sr. Tazeen speaks of how we as Muslims approach such difficulties: Hope lies in the presence of God, she shares.

Sr. Tazeen Hasan is a writer,  researcher, and a passionate advocate for human rights, currently affiliated with Justice For All, Canada. She received the 2020 Harvard Spotlight Award for her outstanding coverage of the Uyghur Genocide. Her work involved immersive experiences living amongst Uyghur refugees in two different cities in Turkey.
Tazeen is also a contributor to two anthologies published in Canada. She has contributed to major media outlets across South Asia, North America, and the Middle East. Her pieces have been published on BBC Urdu, Independent Urdu, Clarion (India), and the Sharq-al-Awsat group in Saudi Arabia.  Tazeen has spoken on global forums, including the United Nations human Rights Council and Amnesty International.


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