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A collection of voices and conversations on Earth connection, environmental issues, climate action, and sustainable solutions through an Islamic worldview.

Kids' Blog

Children can teach us so much about connecting with the Earth and how to address environmental issues from an Islamic worldview.  This is a space for learning through the perspectives of young minds.  

Kids are invited to share their work to be featured on this blog!


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Submission Guidelines

  1. Submissions should include direct connections to Islamic teachings  (ie. Qur'an, Sunnah, authentic Islamic traditions)

  2. Blog is open to kids 14 & under
  3. Parent/guardian must provide consent for submission & blog posting
  4. Please submit a link to your work and make sure the link has open access
  5. Topics may include: love of nature & creation; climate change solutions; environmental activism
  6. Entries can be in the form of:
  • artwork (high resolution image required)
  • short article or story (under 5oo words)
  • short video (under 3 mins)
  • short audio clip (under 2 mins)

*Please submit original content only*

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