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Episode 17, Sha'ban 1445

Islamically Inspired Solutions on Food System & Food Justice Issues

In this important conversation,  Dr. Tammara Soma, Assistant Professor at Simon Fraser University & Research Director of the Food Systems Lab,  speaks about her own personal journey towards the study of food, food systems and food waste from multiple dimensions.  Dr. Soma explains terms such as food resiliency, food systems mapping, food justice issues, and the circular economy system and how all these relate to issues of food.

Dr. Soma connects social, environmental issues that are deeply entrenched in food systems and where these issues are often politically situated.

Dr. Soma also reflects, through her own personal journey, on how Islam provides a clear framework that can guide us to many important solutions when it comes to food justice issues and how she as a scholar grounds her own work within an Islamic framework.

Finally, she talks about her documentary "Food is my Teacher," which explores the healing nature of food, through relationships and personal connections to food as well as food insecurity.  She also provides highlights of upcoming projects and things to look out for. 

Dr. Tammara Soma MCIP RPP is an Assistant Professor at the School of Resource and Environmental Management (Planning program) at Simon Fraser University and Research Director of the Food Systems Lab. She conducts research on issues pertaining to food loss and waste (FLW), food systems planning, food security, Indigenous food sovereignty, and the circular food economy. She is routinely featured in international and local media (The Guardian, BBC, CBC, TVO, CTV, National Observer, Chatelaine and more) and is the co-director of the CBC documentary “Food is My Teacher.” Tammara is a registered professional planner and a proud mother of three.

More info regarding  Dr. Soma's work can be found at:

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